The shipping costs, indicated in the cart total before order confirmation, are calculated on a flat-rate basis.
In cases where the purchase with shipping in Italy exceeds the threshold of € 49.99 + VAT, transport is free.

Specifically, the transport costs are calculated as follows:

Shipments in Italy of less than € 49.99:

- Calabria Sicily and Sardinia € 10.00
- Venice and smaller islands € 20.00
- Other destinations in Italy € 8.00

Shipments in Italy over € 50.00:

- free transport

Shipments abroad:

Euro Zone 1 (Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Holland)
Flat rate transport cost of € 19.00

Euro Zone 2 (Denmark, France Great Britain Switzerland)
Cost of flat-rate transport of € 21.00

Euro Zone 3 (Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Serbia and Hungary)
Cost of flat-rate transport of € 24.00

Euro Zone 4 (Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden)
Flat rate transport cost of € 31.00

In cases where customs operations are required, a surcharge of € 50.00 + VAT is applied.

For other areas not considered in the previous points, the transport costs will be communicated to the customer by email upon our acceptance of the order.

The estimated delivery times for shipments are as follows:
- Italy: two to four working days
- Euro Zone 1: four working days
- Euro Zone 2-3-4: four / six working days


Purafibra accepts payments with:
- Credit Card through PayPal
- PayPal
- Advance bank transfer *
- Cash on delivery **

Transactions will be debited to the Customer's Credit Card only after:
- the credit card details have been verified;
- the authorization to debit by the company issuing the credit card used by the Customer.

In the event that, for any reason, within a period of 7 (seven) working days from the date of the order it is not possible to charge the credit card the amounts due by the Customer (or, in in the case of a bank transfer, the funds corresponding to these amounts are not available on the Purafibra bank account), it will not be possible to execute the contract and the order is considered canceled.

* Italy only
** Italy only - The service has a cost of 3 euros + 1.5% on the value of the entire order (transport costs included) as a "right of delivery" due to the courier. The maximum amount for cash on delivery payments is € 999.00